We work with you to reveal the hidden sources of great performance in your organization, and we partner with you to capture and share those insights in memorable, compelling learning experiences.

What BurnBright Does for you


Original Performance Insights

 Big data is fantastic, but it does not tell you anything about what you are not measuring, and it cannot replace true leadership insight into how things really work in your firm. We apply our deep experience in both leading and studying organizations to developing novel information about the performance of our clients' personnel and teams. We use experimental and observational approaches to produce unique data on the connection between individual and team behaviors, and the performance outcomes that our clients desire. This is original insight. 


Unforgettable Learning Experiences

 Performance insights are only valuable if they are (1) understood and (2) produce changes in leader, employee, and team behaviors. We are your partners not only in revealing the sources of great performance, but also in translating those insights into compelling content that your personnel and teams will enjoy and remember. Our micro-burst videos are interactive, and feature eloquent explanations, memorable animations, and vivid infographics that inform and entertain. We transform performance insights into shared understanding.


Strategic Learning Design

 We use our content to design learning experiences that engage users and produce powerful data that will both reinforce and inform your strategy, innovation, and change initiatives. Together we’ll develop and refine your strategic learning, creating an unforgettable experience.  

The strategic learning cycle


 Strategic learning both informs and strengthens your strategic performance. Our performance analysis, content development, and learning design services will help you transform your Learning Management System (LMS) into a Strategic Learning Management System.