From performance analysis to leading and implementing change, BurnBright is your partner through the strategic learning cycle. We provide three core services:

  1. CAPTURE. Discover performance insights from your organization’s best performers.
  2. KEYLIGHT. Create unforgettable learning experiences for your people.
  3. CLARITY. Connect learning to measurable strategic change.

What we do for you

CAPTURE: Insights from Your Best Performers


Through rigorous research applying the latest methods, BurnBright quickly produces new insights about the key behaviors of your best performers. 

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KEYLIGHT: Unforgettable Learning Experiences


Using the insights gained in CAPTURE, BurnBright custom-builds engaging, interactive micro-learning content that shares the knowledge and skills of your top performers with the rest of your team. 

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CLARITY: From Learning to Strategic Change


BurnBright helps you understand how your people are engaging with, understanding, and applying new knowledge and skills. 

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BurnBright Sales client case



  • Analyze random sample of sales personnel to assess use of narratives and other notional best practices in making sales pitches.
  • Compare sample members’ use of narratives and other best practices to their sales performance.
  • Identify narrative patterns used by most effective sales personnel.



  • Custom-built micro-burst videos teach true sales pitch best practices.
  • Videos integrate expert explanations from your own people with animation and info-graphics, focusing on what is essential.
  • Employees have short interactions with a sequence of videos of several weeks, repeating and reinforcing key concepts.



  • Customized, relevant learning experiences increase interest in and engagement with content.
  • Assessment mechanisms track engagement with and understanding of new knowledge and skills.
  • With true impact assessment, clients track and connect learning to future sales performance.

Strategic learning both informs and strengthens your strategic performance. Our performance analysis, content development and learning design, and engagement and impact assessment services will help you strengthen and accelerate your strategic learning.