Create shared understanding.

Highlight Your Talent


Our micro-burst videos present interactive, eloquent explanations of key concepts. Wherever possible, we feature your people, highlighting trusted voices with expertise from inside your organization. With KEYLIGHT, we translate performance insights into compelling content that is tailored to the needs of you personnel and teams.

Tell Compelling Stories


Humans have been called "the primates who tell stories," and stories are a powerful tool in helping audiences understand and recall important ideas. We use the principles of storytelling to present important concepts in entertaining and informative content that your people will both comprehend and remember.

Teach with Custom Visuals


Simple animations and info-graphics can be extremely effective in focusing viewers on essential information. BurnBright uses a stripped-down visual style to present the key ideas of your content in easy-to-understand (and entertaining) custom-built animations and info-graphics. 

Use Cognitive Learning Design


Learning happens faster and lasts longer with a building-blocks approach. Busy professionals learn best through repeated, short interactions with content. BurnBright's KEYLIGHT online modules are designed with long-term retention in mind. We present short videos in sequences that promote repeated interactions and improve learning. Finally, we track interactions to help you connect learning with changes in performance, which brings us to CLARITY.