Focus Within


You don't have to look outside your organization to discover crucial insights about how achieve the next level of performance. BurnBright utilizes a rigorous approach to help you identify in your own top performers the valuable knowledge and behaviors that drive great performance in complex social contexts (real world, on-the-job settings), whether employee or customer-facing.

Observe and Experiment


Big data is fantastic, but it does not tell you anything about what you don't measure, and it can't replace true leadership insight into how things really work in your firm. We use experimental and observational approaches to produce unique data on the connection between individual and team behaviors, and the performance outcomes that our clients desire. This is original insight. 

Collect Rich Data


Your performance context is unique. We apply our deep experience in both leading and studying organizations to developing novel information about the performance of our clients' personnel and teams. We use video and other sensors to capture performance interactions more fully, allowing us to identify significant drivers of performance differences while maintaining a clear view of how those drivers fit into the larger context of social behavior.  

Connect to Performance


We work with you to integrate the observational and experimental data gained from our custom-built research with the performance data that you are already have. We are uncompromising in our research program, avoiding the pitfalls that plague most performance analysis. After highlighting what differentiates your best performers, we transition to KEYLIGHT, creating new training content based on those insights.